Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy at daycare and mama's adjusting

Today is Lila's second day at daycare and she seems to be doing very well! It's a large in-home daycare that is certified as a daycare and is also a pre-school. They could have as many as 18 kids at one time (but hardly ever do) and there are 6 staff members including the director (it's her home).

So far, it's really great. The girls that take care of the babies are so sweet and they couldn't get over Lila's happy disposition! Apparently she just smiles all day at them and laughs and smiles at the other babies. I'm sure she fusses too but they didn't tell me about that! She's eating well (three 4 oz bottles of pumped milk yesterday) and napping. Naps are short (30 minutes to an hour) and yesterday she napped 4 different times. I think her naps will get longer and less frequent when she adjusts to not being swaddled at naptime. They are willing to swaddle her, but we are trying to wean her off of it! I'll let them deal with the short naps. :)

The other thing I love about this daycare is that they text me during the day!! It's wonderful. They let me know how she is doing, if she's eating well, her mood and they send me the occasional photo as well!

The daycare texted these to me this morning:

The second one is blurry because she was bouncing so much!! She loves to jump! I'm so happy she's having fun and transitioning well.

I'm adjusting to the life of a working mom. It's hard but is definitely the right choice for me. I say that like it was a choice... this was always the plan! We need two salaries and health insurance, thank you!

Pumping is going well, I'm feeling productive and happy at work and feeling more and more like my old self but still like Lila's mommy. I love my time with Lila in the mornings and we have plenty of time at night. I am exhausted by the end of the day though!! How do people do this with more than one child?!! How do single moms do it? I can't imagine. Other than feeding her a few times, I did not sit down until 9:30pm which is right when Neil got home from MBA class! Luckily these Tues/Thurs night classes are over in 4 more weeks!

My evening went like this:

5:30 - Home with Lila and my 5 bags of stuff (cooler with empty bottles, laptop, diaper bag, work tote bag, cooler of milk pumped from the day)

5:30-6 - Feed Lila (I love nursing her after being away from her all day!), change diaper, "talk" about our day!

6-6:30 - Quick trip to Target, Lila loves shopping!

6:30-8 - Try to hold, entertain, talk to and play with Lila while I attempt to do the following:

- Wash bottles
- Prep bottles for the next day
- Make and eat my own dinner (frozen cheesy rice/broccoli mixed with leftover chicken - hey it worked)
- Prep tomorrow's lunch
- Thaw chicken for next night's dinner
- Clean out fridge
- Gather up trash for Neil to take out when he gets home
- Wash/dry/fold clothes, make sure I have something to wear for next day
- and a bunch of other mundane things I forget now!

8 - Feeding

8:15-9 - Play, cuddle, love on Lila, gear her down for bed, diaper change, PJ's

9 - Bedtime for Lila (we are working on getting it earlier..)

9:20 - She's actually asleep for good. (I had to go in and soothe her back to sleep a few times)

9:30 - Sit down. Neil walks in the door!

It could be much worse. I'm happy the day went so well, actually. This morning went much more smoothly and I got to work at a decent time. I'm still getting used to this working mom thing, but I'm confident I can do it!!

Any other working moms out there? Any tips for me? How do you fit it all in?


  1. So glad to hear Lila is doing well in daycare!!! I'm a working momma myself and can totally relate to everything you are talking about - there simply are not enough hours in the day. I find that sticking to a routine...savoring 30 minutes of down time after I put my little girl to bed...and hiring someone to clean my house every other week has helped alot(my baby girl was born 10.3.10). Not working is not an option for me either...and I enjoy my work but it is HARD to be a full time momma and employee!!

  2. She is adorable! I can completely relate to that exact schedule listed above too. There just isn't enough time in a day, you are right. I worked full time with Carter and now I am down to part time (2 days a week) now that we have Evan BECAUSE there is not enough time to get everything done! I feel like there really isn't a good way to handle it, staying completely organized and routine at all times was all that worked for me! Hope things are going well now that you are back to work. It's a good break and makes you appreciate Lila that much more I'm sure!

  3. I am a working momma of 2. It is a delicate balancing act for sure! Sounds like you are doing great and with Lila adjusting well to her new routine at daycare will help your peace of mind. I have also hired someone to clean my house once a month. I try to keep it tidy but tend to let things slide since I have just a few precious hours with my kiddos when they get home before bedtimes.
    It's also hard when the kids get sick but between my husband and myself we have worked it out. Thankful for bosses who are understanding.
    Look forward to keeping up with you and your journey!

  4. I am blessed to be able to stay home now but I did work for one year after our 1st was born - it is hard. I had to learn to take short cuts - and my husband helped a lot :-) For me, staying home is what I wanted - we sacrifice a lot every day but, the joy of being home with my boys takes care of all of that! Plus, I get to help another working mom out by watching her little boy too! (Stopping by from Jenna's Journey)

  5. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I'm so glad that Lila is adjusting to her daycare! I love the pictures the daycare sent you showing that she is happy and content. You are a wonderful working mom and I thank you for giving me a beautiful granddaughter.

  6. Stopping by from Jenna's commenting challenge and your newest follower!

    I can definitely relate, going back to work is tough and the night time routine/chaos is tough to adjust to. Sounds like it went well...keep up the good work. :)

  7. The daycare sounds great ~ I love that they text you throughout the day! Your little daughter is beautiful! :)

    Stopping by from Jenna's!


  8. Wow Lindsay! You are doing such a GREAT job!

  9. Stopping over from Jenna's blog!! I used to work full time with my first child and I can tell you it is so hard but it does get easier! You will get into a routine and it will be more natural:) And our daughters are close to the same age:) My A was born Jan. 29th!

  10. LOVE your blog! Super cute and a new follower - who did the design for you! My 2nd son is a little older than your cutie pie!!

    Returning the love!

  11. I'm a SAHM of 4. I used to work day care and I actually kind of miss it. How neat that they text you pictures! We didn't have that kind of technology way back then! Don't worry, they'll get her on a great sleeping schedule! She'll learn how to sleep through anything because of the constant noise at day care. I hope things get easier for you...I know how hard this can be when you're just starting out. Good luck! Enjoy the rest of the commenting challenge! I'm having so much fun!

  12. Stopping by from Jenna's. Lila is absolutely precious! I love how her daycare texts you pictures throughout the day of her. That is so sweet. It sounds like you are doing a great job with juggling everything and figuring out the routine that works for you. I bet it will get easier the more you do it.

    Glad I found your blog!

  13. Oh wow, when my baby goes back to daycare, I am totally going to want them to text me photos! How precious and what a relief it must be for you!