Thursday, January 7, 2010

Great finds at Old Navy clearance

After the gym last night, I stopped by the mall with the intention of going to Michaels to get some knitting needles. Well, Old Navy is right next door, so I parked in the middle and actually never made it over to Michaels! I was a bit distracted by all the deals at Old Navy! I think they had just put out the new sale merchandise and there was a lot of good stuff in the Medium section, which is usually picked over.

Here is what I got:

Light gray ruffle front cardi, $12
I love the tiny baby ruffles. So many of my ruffled tops have giant big ruffles in your face. So I really like the tiny ones and soft color on this cardi. Can't wait to wear this with light pink!

A yellow boat-neck tee, $2.49.
Mine is a white/yellow stripe with a tiny chest pocket. It's so cute and nautical, which is one of my favorite looks. I will likely save this for spring and wear it with white and navy and possibly my red and navy scarf-print flats. Can't beat that price!

Black and taupe color block skirt, $9
I immediately loved this skirt and hunted for 10 minutes for my size. It's not perfect (it puckers a bit at the hip) but for the price I figured I'd make it work. I'll probably wear it with a cardigan over it any way. It reminded me a bit of the Horizon Line dress from Anthropologie that Kim from Anthroholic is so fond of.

Taupe tiered/ruffle mini skirt, $7
I saw this on the rack right when I was leaving and bought it without trying it on. It's a bit snug - but by the time its warm enough to wear it it should fit just fine. It's adorable! I love the ruffles on the butt! Too cute! I thought it looked familiar but couldnt place where I'd seen it. Then I realized that it was from Rosa at Love at First Shop who wore it with a vest and cognac boots! I have so many ideas in my head for outfits with this skirt. Here is one I just put in polyvore. I just need these shoes (Aldo Equia, $59) to wear with it!

So, what are you waiting for? Get thyself to Old Navy! Also, stay tuned for IRL pics and some polyvore sets with the new items! Excited!

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