Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby #2: 37 Weeks!

It's December, I'm now full term and Rosalie could be joining us anytime in the next few weeks! The earliest I'd even imagine her showing up would be at 39 weeks, but it feels nice to know we are getting so much closer to meeting this little girl. At the absolute latest (42 weeks gestation), we have about 35 days max to go. I don't believe we will last that long!

We are ready. The bassinet is set up, her room is nearly done (pics soon!), carseat ready, clothes washed and diaper bag packed. My body is tired and big and ready to not be pregnant anymore. Neil is ready to not hear about my pregnancy aches and pains and about all of my birth plans and preparations. Lila is ready to meet her sister! She even said to my belly the other day, "Come on Rosie! You're 'sposed to come out!"

We are very busy with holiday stuff! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and now we are gearing up for Christmas. Lila is very excited and it's so much fun to celebrate with her. We have the tree up and I'm hoping to be done with ordering gifts very soon. Lila has already seen Santa a couple times, once at the Museum Center (from a distance) and once at the outlet mall as he was walking around. She was very confused as to how he got there from the museum and then after we left him, she said, "I didn't ask him for my Belle doll." We hope to have a sit down with Santa here in the next few weeks.

I had my 37 week checkup yesterday. Everything is fine. My BP was a bit elevated because I was mad about spending 1 HOUR in the waiting room, which is rare, and especially annoying because I had a chiro appointment to get to. I'm still gaining weight and I'm pretty much on pace to meet or exceed the weight gain I had with Lila. I am trying not to fret about it.

The doc did my group B strep test, and while she was down there, checked me for dilation. Guess what?!! Nothing! I'm not surprised AT ALL. I was only dilated to a 1 at 41 weeks last time, so I know my body only starts to dilate when labor is underway or very imminent. She did say baby is head down, but didn't mention effacement or anything. The doc also said to BE PATIENT.

So even though there is a possibility that Rosie will arrive before Christmas, I'm not betting on it. I think I should start focusing on the potential reality of going overdue again. We may be indeed looking at a January baby and I need to be okay with that! It's just tough when we're all so excited about meeting this baby girl. I also cannot be induced at all so going into labor naturally is my only real way to avoid a scheduled c-section.

I'm feeling okay most of the time. I'm tired. Every other night I have a decent night's sleep. I'm getting Braxton Hicks, my hips hurt, baby is on my bladder/cervix, I get lightening/shooting pains "down there", mild swelling, backache/cramps and I think thats about it! I'm just 9 months pregnant, that's all. It's a hard business, bringing a little baby into the world.

I'm feeling really positive at the moment. I am confident that I will have an uncomplicated VBAC delivery and I just cannot wait to get my hands on Miss Rosie June and have our family be complete!

Here is me at 37 weeks. Get used to those gray corduroy pants because those are 1 of 3 pairs of non-yoga pants that are still comfortable.

I go back to the doctor on Dec. 9 for my 38 week checkup, and I will likely decline a cervical check. They really mean nothing as far as when labor is coming. I will continue to go weekly and then every few days if I go over. I am considering a membrane sweep at my 39 week appointment. This is the most augmentation/induction most docs will consider. So, we are playing the waiting game. I am beginning to feel like a pregnant Christmas is in my future and in reality will probably be easier than having a newborn. If it works out that way, it'd be really special to have one last Christmas with my Lila before her sister arrives!

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