Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby #2: 38 Weeks

I'm now 2 weeks from my due date. Exciting! Of course we still don't know if Rosie will make her appearance before or after Christmas, but we are prepared for either scenario. I feel pretty good, honestly. I am sleeping well and only waking up once a night. Some days I feel pretty crappy but other days I feel great! I have been trying to stay active when I feel good and even walked a mile on the treadmill and rode the elliptical for about 10 minutes the other day. I've not had much swelling at all, and even though I weigh more now than what I did when Lila was born, I think I look and feel better.

My symptoms are pretty typical: I'm sore when getting up and walking, have back pain, heartburn, numb/tingling hands, some pain in pelvis/hips, tingling in ribs, hot flashes!! and a few other random things like soreness in my c-section incision site. No real "labor signs" to note other than a few short rounds of contractions that ended up petering out within an hour or two.

I had my 38 week check up Monday. I declined the cervix check this time. I doubt I've progressed any, and it doesn't really matter anyway. I am strongly considering a cervical check and membrane sweep at my next appointment on Dec 16. I haven't fully decided. I'd have to be at least 1 cm dilated to get the sweep, so it might be a moot point anyway.

I haven't done anything to try to bring on labor at this point (since nothing is really proven to work). I have listened to my "Come Out Baby" track from Hypnobabies a few times, eaten some dates and pineapple and started taking an evening primrose oil (EPO) tablet every day in addition to my 2-4 daily cups of red raspberry leaf tea. I've been trying to stretch, do yoga, bounce on my ball and have good posture for optimal baby position. I've also been visiting the chiropractor weekly.

Baby Rosie is still active in there, but her movements are more restricted. I feel much more big movements and fewer little fingers wiggling. I hope this means she is flipped into an anterior position. I am so ready to see her little face, but I honestly am fine waiting until after Christmas for her to come!

We are taking Lila to see Christmas lights tonight, she has a Christmas party on Friday and seeing Santa on Saturday. I am glad to have these last few weeks to spend focusing on her instead of being in the hospital or at home with a new baby. Our lives will be changing very very soon though!

I will be sure to update after my appointment next week or if there are any other changes to report!

Photo added: 38 wks 2 days

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