Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lila Caroline at almost 3!

There is just so much to say about Miss Lila it's been hard to actually type up an update about her. She is just an awesome little human being! She can be very stubborn and annoying as well, but we sure love this girl to death! She is SO funny and loving and smart! I'm so lucky to be her mom.

As far as size, which I always do on her update posts, Lila is getting to be a big girl. She actually is starting to feel heavy when we lift her! Last time I weighed her she was 28 lbs! That is the highest she has ever been and I'm so happy! She is wearing 3T in almost everything and a size 7 or 8 shoe. Her waist is small so some 3Ts are still too big, but in jeans with adjustable waists she definitely needs a 3T for the length. I think she is around 36 or 36.5 inches tall.

Lila loves Halloween!! She is still obsessed. Christmas is pretty cool, but Halloween is her favorite! She is always talking about ghosts and witches, wants to listen to Halloween songs and stories and plays "trick or treat" often. I wish she would just get over it already but she really likes it!

She is also in love with Disney princesses! She loves Belle. Obsessed. She also loves Ariel, "New-lawn" (Mulan), and "Poca-homas" (Pocahontas). She loves to sing and act out the songs. Watching movies is not a quiet calming activity for this girl. She is up and active and dances, sings and acts out everything! It's so fun to watch. She is such a performer. Extremely dramatic and expressive and it's hilarious!

She loved her dance class. We tried it at the YMCA this fall and even though we missed a few classes she was really into it. It was a tap/ballet combo at the most beginner level and I think we will keep her in it. She seemed to really like it and LOVES performing and being in front of people. I was so proud of her in her little recital!

Lila loves TALKING. The girl never stops. She is so funny and smart and imaginative. She cracks us up all the time and we have headaches every night from her constant high-pitched musings. Wouldn't have it any other way though.

She loves "school" and her backpack and reading and learning! EVERY day when I pick her up from Amanda's she says, "I had fun at school today!" and she tells me all about what she did. Her vocabulary and memory are super impressive. She seems to have more of a knack for the verbal side but still does pretty well with numbers too. She wants to read so bad and loves for us to read to her and she often is found in her bed "reading" to herself.

She loves crafts and I really love doing them with her. We spend a lot of time making ornaments, coloring, doing water colors and putting googly eyes on things (mostly ghosts!)

She loves playing with stuffed animals and dolls. Her bed is chock full of blankies and "pets". Her favorites are probably pink bear, sock monkey, and whatever newest toy she has gotten. A Belle Barbie and her Build A Bear are on the top of the list right now!

Speaking of Build A Bear, we went on Sunday and Lila made a pink bear for Rosie to take to her in the hospital (Rosie will have a gift for Lila as well). And Lila also got to build a bear for herself. She really enjoyed the process!

Waiting in line to get her bears stuffed.

Washing and cleaning "Rosie bear"

Her final bear creation!

Lila is excited about Christmas and her new baby sister. I am so ready for this next stage in our lives with two awesome little kiddos!

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