Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rosalie June: 30 Weeks

Baby Rosie is still baking away in there and she is getting bigger and stronger everyday. Her movements are becoming way bigger and it feels like she is rolling from side to side a lot. She is extremely active, just like Lila was (and is!). So I am 30 weeks today. Less than 10 weeks until Christmas and my due date. Six weeks until full term. So exciting! It's getting closer!

I had a good quick appointment today. I am measuring right on at 30 weeks. Her heart rate was 125. My blood pressure was great and my "official" weight gain is 26 lbs. It's actually more than that in my eyes because my first appt. wasn't until 8 weeks, so that's where they were getting my starting weight I think. I think I gained 3-5 lbs between finding out about the pregnancy until the first appointment. This is the first appt. where they've said I single thing about my weight.

Oh well! I have gained around 30, which puts me on track to gain about 40. I think that's just what my body likes to do. I gained 46 with Lila and was back under my pre-pregnancy weight within 12-18 months. If I was more motivated earlier, I'm sure I could've gotten it off sooner. I think I will be more interested in getting back to normal quicker this time.

Everything is going well. We just had our family/maternity photos done (so much fun, I LOVE them and will be sharing some soon!) and we've just been having a lot of fun with Lila going to fall festivals, pumpkin patches, carnivals and just hanging out watching movies and playing.

I'm starting to really get prepared for the birth of baby Rosie. I'm getting very excited and I'm SO positive about it. I just started the Hypnobabies Home Study program, and so far it is awesome! I'm just in week 1 of the 5 week program which continues on after that until birthing time. I love how positive and motivating it is. Because I have a lot of anxiety and fear left over from Lila's traumatic c-section birth, I wanted to do something extra to prepare for this baby's arrival. At first the idea of doing self-hypnosis for birth sounded crazy, but now I'm really getting in to it. It's more about positive affirmations and positive thinking, deep relaxation and visualizations. Eventually I'll get into controlling discomfort and managing pressure waves (contractions). I'm actually looking forward to the birth now instead of being terrified.

Here's my 30 week photo. If you can't tell I'm attempting to grow out my hair and bangs and it's a pretty painful process especially on rainy humid days. I don't know how long this will last. Actually today in the car Lila said, "Mommy, your hair is getting long like a princess!" I think we might both grow ours out for a while.

And here are a few pics of my lovely little Lila bean:

And a sneak peak of our family photos from the wonderful Joseph Danzer! We went out to the gorgeous campus of Miami University where I happen to work and where Neil and I both went to college. It was awesome to take our family/maternity photos there and to have so many awesome shots taken by our friend Joe! We LOVE them and can't really pick favorites yet!

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