Thursday, October 10, 2013

Baby Rosie: 29 Weeks

Another week down and we are at 29 weeks and just about 75 days to go until my due date! Crazy! I'm getting more excited than nervous, honestly. It's getting so much more real that we are going to have two precious little girls soon! I'm so excited to meet this baby that is rolling and kicking in my tummy. I truly cannot wait to see her face and have her join our family.

I've been working on a ton of crafty projects for the baby's room, so I'm hoping to share some nursery pictures at some point. Things are coming together at last! I'm still thinking about a crib mobile, a wreath for her door and some more of the art for the walls. Then of course I have to get Neil to help me hang everything. That is sometimes the hardest part!

Everything is really going pretty well. I feel pretty good most days but then sometimes I have a rough night's sleep and I wake up very sore and grumpy. My hips and legs hurt a lot. Rosie is very active and she wears me out honestly. I am getting kicked and headbutted most of the time! Get some sleep in there, child!

Things at work should be slowing down here in the next few weeks. My weekly class is wrapping up on the 24th, my other classes are dying down and then I have a conference presentation on Oct 25th. After that my schedule is much more open. I'm thankful for that! It's getting much harder to teach for a lot of the day and be on my feet like that.

Here is my update. Sorry for the blurry image, but it's the only one I've got! Someone was coming into the restroom so I think I shook my phone! Haha.

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