Thursday, March 24, 2011

One month!

I can't believe my little girl is one month old! She is getting so much bigger and is doing more and interacting with us. We had her 1 month appt. today and she did very well. She had to get a shot, which was hard for me, but she did okay! She screamed like crazy, but the nurse said feeding her immediately after would help and it did. I'll plan to do that again when she gets her 2 month shots.

One month!

Lila at one month:

Weight - 9 lb, 11.5 oz ~ 60th %
Length - 21.5 in ~ 50th %
Head circumference - 14.5 ~ 50th %

Lila is very average in size and very proportional. I'm so happy about her weight gain. She lost 10% of her weight in the hospital and was down to 7 lb 2 oz, in less than a month she's up 2.5 lbs? Amazing! She's a great eater, and I'm proud to know all the hard work breastfeeding is really paying off.

Diapers: Size 1, we prefer Pampers swaddlers sensitive

Clothes: almost all 0-3 months. Some newborn stuff still works if it has stretch

Eating: Lila eats 10-12 times a day. She is exclusively breastfed on demand and since I don't have much time to pump she's not been taking a bottle much at all. She cluster feeds in the evenings, which means she's pretty much constantly attached to me from 6 or 7 until she goes to bed. This is the hardest thing about nursing! It is so exhausting!

Sleep: Well, it's pretty hit and miss. Sometimes she gives us 4 hours in a row at night. Other times she's up every 2-3 hrs. She naps during the day here and there, nothing very predictable though. She loves being swaddled and can sleep anywhere but prefers mommy or daddy's arms.

Nicknames / what we call her:
Pretty girl, little girl, pretty, fussy butt, sleepy gus, sweetie


- started smiling at 2.5 weeks
- loves walks and riding in the car
- likes the bath as long as she doesn't get too cold
- getting better at tummy time, can lift and turn her head
- she's liking the swing and bouncy seat more
- can focus on faces and follow an object
- loves music! Especially Glee
- developed acne around 3 weeks, poor girl
- i've started reading to her. She likes looking at black & white illustrations
- does well with other people holding her, especially her grandparents

Things to remember/things that make us laugh:

- she's a noisy eater and sleeper - she snorts and grunts and farts!
- she is the most comfortable when whoever holding her is absolutely uncomfortable
- I love when she wakes up and watching her stretch. She makes the greatest faces!
- she spits up on Neil pretty much every time he picks her up
- she did poop on my lap this month, though!
- sometimes she does a little chirp or bark sound
- she has two distinct cries. Screaming and a fake cough/cry

Some photos:

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