Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 weeks old

My baby girl is 2 weeks old! It's a big week for Lila. She had a dr appt/ weight check yesterday and she is doing great! She has surpassed her birth weight and gained 14 oz in one week. I was worried about her getting enough to eat being exclusively breastfed, but I'm happily relieved and proud of us both! She was 8 lb 6 oz!

Things are going well. Lila is a good baby and we all usually get enough sleep. She definately cluster feeds in the evenings, and is hungry/fussy or eating practically all evening. Luckily this usually tanks her up for a good 4-5 hours overnight.

She sleeps a lot during the day too but I try to take advantage of her awake times to sing to her or try to interact with her a bit. I can't wait until she's smiling!

Milestones/things of note this week-

Umbilical cord fell off!

Loves: eating, sleeping on mommy, having her hands on or near her face

Dislikes: wet diapers (doesnt seem to mind the poopy ones!), socks, bright lights

Still in newborn clothes and diapers

Nicknames/ terms of endearment: Pretty girl, pretty, flopsy or floppy, sleepy gus

Coming up:
Grandparents visit! (All of them)
Newborn photos on Sat. morning!

I'm probably a bad mom for posting these pics but here is my pretty girl. See how fast her mood changes?! Of course I came to her aid immediately! Pretty sure she was hungry!

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