Friday, November 15, 2013

Baby #2: 34 Weeks!

Yikes! 3 weeks until full term and 6 weeks until my due date! I'm getting really excited, and I think it's becoming very real to us now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting closer. It snowed the other day and when Lila looked outside she said, "Where is the Christmas tree and where are the presents?" I made the mistake of asking her what she wanted for Christmas (because I really wanted to know if there was something specific) and now I think she is hyper-aware of the gift getting part of the holiday (oops).

I've actually gotten 2 Christmas gifts for Lila already (a Belle doll and a book) and I have a pretty good idea of what I'm getting the other people on my list. I want to get my shopping and decorating/wrapping done by early December. I may actually start bringing my Christmas decorations up from the basement soon so I will be physically able to do some decorating instead of delegating it all to my poor husband. :)

This past weekend, Lila spent the weekend with her grandparents so Neil and I had THREE nights/days to ourselves! We really didn't know where to start or what to do with ourselves, honestly. It was really nice to just have some time together and to be able to clean and work on stuff around the house. We also went out to eat a lot and had a date night to the musical downtown and to the casino!

We did get some baby-related things accomplished. I got not one, but two diaper bags. One larger one for daycare and longer outings and one smaller bag for quick trips. These are the two I decided on (after almost 2 hours in Buy Buy Baby! LOL):

JuJuBe Hip (snagged it for $20!) is the smaller, simpler bag of the two. Here is the pattern I got:

And my bigger bag is the JJ Cole Mode bag.

So far I'm pretty happy with them. I even started (gasp!) packing my diaper bag with things Rosie might need in the hospital! I'm kind of against packing anything early because last time of course I packed ALL of my hospital bags early (36 wks). I was like every super over-planner first time mom and then had a bag of wrinkled stuff 5 weeks later when she finally made her appearance.

So I'm making lists of what I might want to take to the hospital, but mark my words, no bags will be packed until at least 38 weeks, and I might just wait until I go into labor.

For my own entertainment, here is what I've packed in Rosie's hospital diaper bag. And yes, I know the hospital provides diapers and wipes and even has those little wrap shirts, but I'm weird and I like to use my own stuff. I do plan on using their diapers and taking as many of those snot suckers as they will give me though!

Here is newborn baby Lila modeling one of the newborn outfits I'm packing. Yes, Rosie will be wearing hand me downs from day 1, poor thing!

2 newborn outfits (both have pants with coordinating snap top that covers the hands)
0-3 month outfit (just in case she's a hoss)
Knit hat for outdoors
Cotton hat for indoors
Two bows (for hospital pics)
2 swaddle blankets
Scratch mittens
Pacifier (will I not want this yet? I threw it in there.)
2 burp cloths
Wipes (I didn't like the hospital ones)
Nursing cover

I hope that's all I will need for the baby bag at least! I might bring a baby nail file, a heavier blanket, and maybe some lotion or diaper cream? I also plan to take my Boppy or have someone bring it after she is born. Since we are so close to the hospital, I'm sure Neil will go get things or I can have my parents bring me stuff from home if needed.

And lastly the infant carseat which is all ready to go complete with one of those cold weather covers to keep baby nice and warm - essential for a December baby!

I need to buy a few more things before baby comes like some newborn diapers, Aveeno baby wash, some new nursing tanks and bras for me and it'd be nice to get some new comfy pjs and robe for the hospital and for lounging at home.

There is a bit more to do in Rosalie's room, but mostly just hanging pictures and some finishing touches. I am working on a canopy to go above her bed too. We'd love to re-do the girls' shared bathroom, but I think that project will likely have to wait.

Other than that, I'm feeling okay. I'm getting some Braxton Hicks now, still lots of movement from baby, more pain/pressure in belly and pelvis, and apparently I'm snoring now. Sorry Neil! I think he is about to move himself to the guest bedroom.

I had an appt. this morning and other than gaining too much weight this time (I blame Halloween and unending appetite) everything is fine. Her heartrate was higher - 150s and my blood pressure and everything was still good!

I actually don't go back to the doctor until Dec. 2 because of Thanksgiving. I will be almost 37 weeks at that point and will be tested for Group B strep (was negative last time, really hoping this time too) and since they are down there, they might do a cervical check. I might do this one and then decline the weekly checks until 39 or 40 wks or until curiosity gets the best of me.

I really can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving and I'm getting so much closer to meeting this sweet baby girl! So so excited!

Oh and here is your giant pregnant lady photo for the day:

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  1. I'm getting so excited for you! I love checking your blog and seeing your updates! :) You look amazing! I looked like octomom by this point, so don't worry! You look great!