Sunday, July 7, 2013

Baby #2: 15 Weeks

I was 15 weeks on Wed. July 3, but with the 4th of July holiday and a sick toddler, I haven't been able to post this update until now! Everything is good with me and baby. I went to my 15 week checkup on Wednesday and the heart rate was 153 and everything was good. The appt. was quick because I just don't have anything abnormal happening. I did ask the doctor about VBAC which I do at each appointment, but nothing else to report. They did say I'm not really gaining much weight, but not to worry. I don't think I've gained much since I first went in to the doctor at 8 weeks, but I am up about 7 lbs since before I found out I was pregnant. 

I also scheduled my anatomy ultrasound appointment and 20 week visit for Aug. 7. I'm a little miffed it's not for the week earlier. I was really hoping to know the health and sex of the baby before August. July 31 was the date I had in my mind. But my OB changed the rules about anatomy ultrasounds from 18-20 weeks to 20-22 weeks so they can make sure to detect abnormalities, etc. I guess we will be able to be pretty certain on the gender by then. Lila's ultrasound was at 18 weeks and a few days. I am SO tempted to get an early elective ultrasound because they can tell the gender at 16 weeks! But both my mom and Neil said it was ridiculous to pay $99 to find out a few weeks early when it doesn't accomplish anything other than satisfying my curiosity. So we will know on August 7th! I'm so excited to see the baby again, make sure it's healthy and find out the sex. I am thinking it's another girl at the moment! 

In other news, we bought Lila a new big girl bed from Ikea, but it is still in the box in the garage. We are planning on spray painting it white as soon as the rain stops enough to do it. I got my awesome Ergo carrier in the mail and it is super nice. I love the pattern and the fact that I can use it for Lila now and for the baby when it arrives. I also started looking through bins in the basement and found a lot of my newborn and breastfeeding stuff. I also located 4 or 5 giant bins of Lila's outgrown clothing. It'll be nice to know whether we'll be using it again or can give it away/sell it!

I'll update again soon because I will be 16 weeks on Wednesday!

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