Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Beach Vacation and 18 & 19 week Update!

We just got back from a trip to Emerald Isle, NC with Lila! Luckily my parents joined us, or I'm not sure we would've made it through the 7 days! Actually, we did have a lot of fun with her, but traveling and staying away from home with a 2.5 year old is pretty exhausting. This was Lila's first time at the beach and seeing the ocean.

Flying a kite
She loved it and was not scared AT ALL! It would have been easier on us if she did have some fear of the water, honestly. She was so brave that she would run into the ocean (luckily we brought her lifejacket) and let the waves knock her down and she'd just laugh. She was basically trying to body surf the whole time and wanted to go out further and deeper. Little daredevil!

At the pier
There was SOME of this!
And only a bit of this!

She also barely sat down and played in the sand, so relaxing was pretty non-existant. At least one of us was chasing her in and out of the water and making sure she didn't float away! My parents did watch her for some lunchtimes and naps (when she would take one!) so Neil and I could relax a bit. Thank goodness for Lila's wonderful grandparents.
Granddad and Lila time

Loving on Grandma
 But all and all it was a really fun trip! We ate lots of good seafood and ice cream, I somehow managed to finish a book, and most importantly we got some great time with Lila and made a lot of fun memories! Lila loved having a week with her Grandma and Granddad. What a special time.
Our mini-golf champ
18 weeks at the mini golf course :)
My cutie discovering she loves raisins
Neil under the shade of our Sport-brella!
While we were gone I "turned" 18 weeks and I will be 19 weeks tomorrow. I am feeling lots of kicks and taps and rolls from the little one. It's so amazing! This is the best part of pregnancy. Nothing can explain the feeling of your child moving around inside you! It's truly amazing and I'm so excited to meet this baby in a few months. For me, the true bonding and connection with the baby starts with movement and with finding out the gender!!! I hate calling baby an "IT" and once I know boy or girl and can name the baby, I really start to connect and bond with him/her.

We find out boy or girl in 8 DAYS!!!! If you can't tell, I am over the moon excited!! I cannot wait to see our little one again! We had an ultrasound at 11 weeks and I'm sure the baby is so much bigger. I of course also cannot wait to ensure that the baby is healthy and everything is going well with his or her growth. Of course that is the most important part. But I'm just so excited to find out if we will have two little girls or one boy and one girl! I really don't care either way, but I NEED to know! Since we are done after 2 children, this baby will complete our family, boy or girl, so I just want to know what I'm in for.

Here is my photo update for the week and I will for sure update next week with details from the 20 week ultrasound and whether we are expecting more pink or some blue! Woohoo!

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