Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Lila update: 28 months old!

Lila is still being hilarious so I wanted to share some of the things she's been saying and doing. And I love sharing some of her latest pictures too! This child is pure joy with a side of frustration! That probably sums up most 2 year olds, I imagine.

Lila is excited about the baby, but I think she's getting some wires crossed somewhere. Neil asked her the other day what is going to happen at Christmas time, and she said, "Santa is going to come out of mommy's belly." Hmm.

If we try to get her to say something difficult like a name or longer word.. she says, "I don't know. That's hard to do."

Lila is extremely loving and affectionate, but twice over the last day or so, when she was mad at Neil and I for whatever reason, she has said, "I not love you." How awful is that?!!? I am trying to ignore that so she doesn't use it against us again, but WOW!

It's summer so we get ice cream a lot. Everywhere we go she wants a pink ice cream. So we have sampled the strawberry ice cream and sorbet of almost every Cincinnati-area ice cream place - well, at least the egg-free ones!

Everyday on the way home, we drive by this weird life-sized Barbie that is holding a sign for a mattress store. Lila talks to this Barbie everyday and it's hilarious. She says, "Barbie, I want to touch you. I want to hug you, Barbie. Barbie, are you hot? Do you need some water? Barbie, what are you doing? I like your hair Barbie. Bye big Barbie! See you tomorr-no!!"

When Lila got her first face paint this last Saturday, she sat down in the chair, pointed to her cheek and said, "I want a pink butterfly, right here." Girl knows what she wants!

This past Sunday, Neil and I were working on blowing insulation into our attic in the middle of a 90+ degree day! I was outside in my bathing suit stuffing ground up newspaper into a machine (it was much more labor intensive than it sounds) while watching Lila. I was checking on her every few minutes and she was coming outside every once in a while. She basically had the run of the house for 4 hours. While she was restricted to the living room and kitchen (and backyard) and couldn't get ahold of anything dangerous, she had a field day doing whatever she wanted! 

She raided the pantry - eating cereal and cheddar bunnies out of the box and ripping open tea bags. At one point she kept bringing out different boxes and packets out to me saying, "Is this chocolate milk?" So I went in and made her chocolate milk. She went potty (#2) unsupervised on her own IN THE POTTY! She walked outside naked saying, "I pooped!" And I walked in expecting it to be anywhere but in the potty, but alas, there it was. Amazing.

Amanda caught Lila peeing outside, leg hiked up, "peeing like Teddy", Amanda's dog. She is kind of infatuated with peeing outside in the grass now. 

My last funny story involves Wendy's. It's one of the few fast food places we can safely go with her because most things are egg-free, even the frosties (she always requests white ice cream). Well, for some reason Lila is fixated on Wendy. And when she is eating she talks to Wendy, and says "I have to take baby bites or Wendy will be sad." Or she will say, "Wendy is watching me!" So funny. She was also delighted at my Starbucks cup the other day, "Look, Mommy, it's Wendy!"

There are so many other little stories here and there. Lila is so quick and smart and remembers everything. She is a great helper and will be a great big sister! Sometimes I can't believe the amount of energy this child has, and Neil and I are so hoping for a calm, mellow, zen baby #2. We love our hyper Lila but we are hoping a calmer baby will give us some balance!

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