Thursday, June 27, 2013

Baby #2: 14 Weeks and 2nd Trimester!

Here we are, officially in the 2nd trimester! I'm very happy to be at 14 weeks. Everything is going okay. I have had a cold for the last week or so, and that is really wearing me down. I also overdid it helping Neil blow in insulation into our attic on Sunday, so I am very sore and exhausted! I feel like I did a ton of crunches and I most definitely did not. I think I'm also feeling some growing pains in my belly as well.

I am also so tired when I get home from work. I honestly think the commute is the toughest part! I'm just spent after a full day at work, wrestling Lila into the car, driving home then having to figure out dinner/cook and do all the house stuff plus of course enjoy Lila! Luckily Neil does SO much and let's me relax. My body just shuts down and I can't do anymore! This is going to get so much worse too the bigger and more uncomfortable I get! Not looking forward to that.

I have my next checkup in about a week at 15 weeks. I'm not expecting much for this appointment, but I'm excited to schedule my ultrasound and 19 week appointment! I can't believe we are almost to that point of the pregnancy! It is killing me not knowing what this baby is, I just want to know already. I am leaning girl at the moment. I would be thrilled to have another girl! But I think it'd be fun to have a boy too. I really would just like to know NOW. Can't wait to find out in about a month!

I've been checking baby's heartbeat on the doppler a couple times a week. It's been in the 150s for the most part. I actually couldn't find it at all on Friday night and was a little scared, but woke up Sat. morning and there it was! I love my doppler! Checked it again yesterday and the heart rate was 160.

Here is my update for this week... I think these are going to get boring after about 26 more weeks of them! I'm also interested to see how many weeks I am wearing stripes. So far we are 3 for 4!

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