Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weighty Wednesday

You would know I would make my first weight loss accountability post for right after my birthday weekend! All last week I stuck to my Weight Watchers points but then the weekend came, and I didn't track my points and I pretty much ate and drank whatever I wanted. And then Monday was my birthday - and how could I turn down the birthday brownie that Neil brought me? And broccoli soup from Panera sounds good... and I'll get the bread bowl, cause it's my birthday!!!

Yeah, I've got excuses out the wazoo. :)

So here is the recap. Wish it was better!

Weight this week: +1 lb

Workouts: Two. One bike ride, one long walk.


- Keep track of my points everyday (even the weekends!)

- Workout 3 times this week, at least one strength training

- Pack my lunch and plan dinners

- Eat more fruits and veggies!

I'm hoping to have a weight LOSS to report next Wednesday!

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