Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Weekend!

It was a fun weekend for the Miller family! Lots of family time, a date night, a baseball game, good food, great music, yummy beer and lots of time with Miss Lila. I cooled it on the Weight Watchers this weekend but I'm back at it today!

Friday night was pretty chill. I went to Once Upon a Child before I picked up Lila from daycare to get her a Reds onesie for the game on Sunday. Luckily they had a cute one that fits her perfectly for $1. Of course I walked out of there with far more than just the Reds shirt!

Neil got home around 7 on Friday night and we had Chick-fil-A and put Lila to bed. She seems to be loving her 7pm bedtime and has slept 12 hours straight a few times lately! I'm so proud of her and honestly can't believe she is sleeping that well. I know as soon as a tooth breaks through that'll be over, but I'm enjoying the sleep for now.

On Saturday morning my parents came to stay and take care of Lila for our date night in celebration of my birthday (which is today). We played a lot with Lila, caught up and went to Skyline for lunch. Lila cracked us up at lunch. The girl loves cheese! She also tried oyster crackers and baked potato. She also figured out how to drink out of my straw and had a little taste of iced tea. It's hilarious to me how eager she is to eat any food that is NOT baby food. She hardly opens her mouth for purees but if it's big people food, she is all about it!!

My Aunt Rhonda who was in town for training came by to visit in the afternoon. It was great to see her! It's been a few months since she's seen Lila, so there was a lot to catch up on.

Later in the afternoon Neil and I headed downtown for our date night. We left Lila in grandma and grand-dad's capable hands for the evening. Every year for my birthday we try to go to Oktoberfest in downtown Cincy. It is a blast and we love seeing the Klaberheads play on Fountain square. I love beer so that's a big plus too!! Neil and I ran into some friends, talked to the guys in the band, and ate brats and metts and apple strudel!

We found Brian...

And Tracey...

The only pic I took of the stage. Love my Klaberheads!

After Oktoberfest we ran over to Sy and Elizabeth's house to see Emmett and wish Sy a happy birthday as well. We usually do Birthday weekend together, so we had to go see them! We had cake and then headed off to the next part of the night...

Marc Broussard!!!

He's been a favorite since Neil and I saw him play in college like 8 years ago. He's an amazing musician with a soulful voice and awesome bluesy rock songs. We've seen him a few times live, and I was so exciting he was in Cincy for my birthday weekend! He did not disappoint. Neil and I got there about 15 minutes before he came on, which was perfect timing. We didn't care about the opening acts, only Marc!

If you don't know him, watch this video for a sample of his awesome soulful voice.

We had a blast singing along and dancing and watching Marc perform. It was an awesome night!! I loved spending time with Neil and it was truly like old times. I am grateful for my parents for watching Lila for the night! We so needed this.

We got home around midnight, I pumped and then we went to bed!

We headed to the Reds game on Sunday afternoon. Lila didn't seem to want to nap that morning (she finally did get an hour long nap) so I was worried about how she'd do. Well, this girl always surprises me. She loved it!!

I was concerned she was too young for a game, but she did so well. She loves people so she enjoyed looking around and smiling at everyone. She was very popular. She was also very accessorized:

We met Rosie Red:

Sy and Elizabeth were at the game too. My mom had never met Emmett so we found them during the game. We cannot get a good pic of these babies together! They don't cooperate very well. :)

Well, the Reds lost but we had a great time. The weather was great and we had fun. Lila fell asleep in the baby Bjorn right after the game ended and continued to sleep in the car! After stopping for ice cream at UDF (and yes, Lila got a taste) we were home!! Lila was pooped and was in bed by 6:45pm.

Grand-dad and Lila at UDF!

I had a wonderful pre-birthday weekend. I'm so lucky to have such great family and friends in my life to celebrate with. It was fun being 27, but I know 28 will be fun too!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a great weekend :)