Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Playful Morning

To make up for lost time in the evening due to Lila's new early bedtime, I've been trying to get some good playtime in with her in the morning!

First we rolled around on the carpet...

Then we practiced our crawling...

She gets up on her knees and rocks and throws herself forward and then reverts back to the army crawl. She hasn't gotten the hang of alternating legs yet.

This is a bad blurry picture of her but I just love this onesie!

We also played with Lila's newest toy the VTech Sit to Stand Walker. She LOVES it! She of course can't walk with it yet, but loves sitting and playing with it, or in this case kneeling. She unfortunately fell straight backwards right after this pic was taken. She was fine, but I felt like a bad mommy. :( No more kneeling.

Her absolute favorite part of the walker toy is the phone! Looks like she's been observing daddy on the phone with DirecTv...

Or maybe it was the insurance company...

In other news... Lila is thrilled it's fall (60 degrees today) so she can wear all of her cute fall jackets and sweaters!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. We used that same walker! Eli figured out how to walk with it when we has about 9 months old & walked on his own at 11 months. I pretty much attribute his walking early to that toy. And, he still plays with the phone!

  2. great pics! i love that one of her screaming into the phone. pretty adorable.

  3. She is so beautiful, her eyes are amazing! :)
    You have such great toys, I may need to get that one too. :)