Monday, May 12, 2014

Rosie is 4 months old!

Rosie was 4 months old on April 26! She is a pretty chill little girl. She hardly ever cries and just kind of sits there and takes it all in. She is pretty enamored with big sis Lila but still flinches when Lila walks by!  

Weight - 14 lb 14 oz at her 4 month checkup still 75th percentile
Height - 25.5 in, I think this was 50th percentile
Size - Diaper size 2, clothes mainly 3-6 months, but her legs are a bit too chunky and long for 6 month pants. She wears 6-9 months or 12 month pjs and pants.

Eating: Eats every 3 hours or so. She is breastfed at home and gets breastmilk and formula at daycare (I started back to work on May 1). Is doing well with the bottle for the most part! Doctor said we could begin food, but we won't until closer to 6 months. She is not ready at all.

Sleeping: Rosie is a pretty good sleeper most of the time. She is normally down for the night at 7:30 and up once around 3-4am. Last night she didn't fall asleep until 8:30 and was up at 2am and 5am! Ugh. But she has slept through the night a few times in the last couple weeks. She's getting there. I swaddle her at night with one arm out typically, but sometimes not at all, especially if it's warm out.

Rosie is so mellow and sweet!

She loves to blow bubbles and coo and practice her voice. She does this weird gasp too. 

She is still not rolling over really but will roll from side to side. She loves playing with her feet now.

She is constantly drooling and chewing on her fingers. 

She gives all of us "kisses" by sucking on our faces. Lila especially likes this.

So far she has liked dipping her toes in the baby pool and swinging in the baby swing. 

Rosie is super chubby and I love it! She is just a wonderful baby!

Just a bit about Big Sis. Lila is doing pretty well too. We've had some growing pains with Lila adjusting to having Rosie, but she is doing better. She does say she loves her now, wants to hold her, play with her, etc. The only problem is Lila also wants to try to get in Rosie's bed, wear her clothes and bathing suits and get up on the changing table. 

The "Terrible Threes" are real and rough. Lila challenges us and throws fits and pushes boundaries daily. But when we witness her being nice to a friend, sincerely thanking someone for a gift, bringing Rosie a toy or being sweet and loving to either myself or Neil, we think we are doing an okay job and she is truly a great little girl under all the 3 year old chaos. 

Lila is strong-willed, opinionated, daring, articulate, imaginative, hilarious and extremely cute. We love her so much and we hope we are doing the right things to help her blossom into a wonderful young woman. We have been given quite an honor to be in charge of raising two little girls, and I hope we are off to a good start!

Here is to another great month with my little blue-eyed beauties.

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