Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rosalie June at 3 months

It's so hard to keep this blog updated, but I wanted to at least get Rosie's 3 month stats recorded since this acts as her baby book. We are selling our house and buying another one, so things are crazy around here.

She doesn't look happy here, but she is ALL smiles these days!

Weight - 13 lb 13 oz at her 3 month checkup (she was 3.5 months), 75th percentile
Height - 24.5 in, also 75th percentile
Size - Diaper size 2, clothes 3-6 months

Eating: Eats every 3-3.5 hours during the day. Typically once overnight between 2-4am, then somewhere around 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm and then she is down for the night.

Sleeping: She is a pretty good sleeper with the exception of some growth spurts or developmental leaps here lately which had her up a lot during the night. She goes to bed early between 7 and 8, wakes up to eat in the early morning. She goes down for naps very well on her own, usually without crying at all. About 1.5 hrs after eating, if she looks tired or is yawning, I just lay her down and she falls asleep. Sometimes I swaddle for naps and I always swaddle overnight. She's had some crying spells in the evenings some, but nothing compared to Lila. I remember a lot more cluster feeding and crying with her in the evenings.

Milestones/Things to remember:

Rosalie is just a super sweet baby. She is very mellow and almost seems shy! She will look at you and smile and look away. It's super cute.

She is laughing so much now!

She is grabbing at objects and loves her play mat and chairs with hanging toys.

Not rolling yet, but lifts her head and looks around.

She still loves the bath! Her skin is pretty dry so I don't bathe her often, just a couple times a week for a full bath.

This isn't a great pic of her below, but you can really see how LONG her eyelashes are and how blue her eyes are! Beautiful eyes.

And we can't forget about big sis Lila! 

Lila is doing well! She is the sweetest most loving girl one day and a complete and total hellion the next, just like any good 3 year old is. She has tantrums and whines and talks back, but she is also loving, kind, funny and a pretty good big sister. She loves princesses, the color pink, playing dress up, singing, dancing, coloring and playing with stickers and stuffed "aminals". She loves Rosie now and really likes that she is beginning to respond to her and laugh at her. 

But many of their interactions go like this:

We are all adjusting well to life as a family of 4. It's definitely not easy, but I know I am so lucky to have these two beautiful girls! I can't wait to see them continue to grow and be able to play together. 

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