Monday, June 16, 2014

Rosie at 5 months

Poor 2nd child Rosie. She is for sure getting the shaft. I have to write her 5 month post because she is 1 week from being 6 months old! She turned 5 months on May 26. To add extra craziness, since May 1st I've been back to work and we've been showing our current house, fixing up our new house and finally moving in a week! Rose has been right along for the ride and she is such a trooper and such an easy baby!

Rosie is a big girl. We think she is close to 18 lbs, but we haven't really weighed her precisely. She is so chunky and has the cutest rolls on her thighs! She is so cuddly. She wears mostly 6-9 months Carter's stuff, but she wears 12 month sleepers. She's in size 3 diapers but I probably just should've bought size 4s. 

We are still going strong on breastfeeding and pumping and she gets a mix of breast milk and formula at Miss Amanda's. Pumping sucks but I'm still doing it and planning on sticking with it for a couple more months. She loves to nurse and is super efficient - 5 minutes and she's done. 

We tried pureed foods this month at about 5.5 months I think. She has had sweet potatoes once and pears once. She did better with the pears and seems more into it each time we try. Lila loves feeding Rosie.

Rosie loves the jumperoo and Bumbo because they allow her to be upright and she is not sitting on her own yet. She is also not rolling but will be soon I'm sure!

She has bright white blond hair, bright big blue eyes, super long lashes that curl up and is SO happy all the time. She rarely cries!

Rosie wakes up a lot at night still. Sometimes 2-3 times, sometimes only once. She naps well on the go or at home, and usually takes at least one long nap and once short one each day. 

She is really a wonderful baby. She LOVES watching Lila. She loves playing with her toes. She loves talking to herself and playing with toys. She is so much more aware of the world now. 

We all love our Rosie girl so much. She is such a great addition to our little family and I'm so glad she has been such an easy, mellow baby so far! I also really cannot believe she is already almost 6 months! 

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