Friday, December 2, 2011

Lila's many faces

Lila at this age is incredibly fun, but she is extremely hard to photograph! Actually, most of my recent pictures look like this:

She is so active and aware of everything and is just all over the place! She also makes the most hilarious faces. I still haven't been able to capture her squinty toothy smile - but I did manage to get a pic with all three teeth in it!

Here are some more of her goofy faces... she makes her daddy and I laugh every day!!

Well, hello there Lila bean!

Loves her YoBaby yogurt!

Lila, what is this face...? I'm almost deleted it, but it makes me laugh so much!

Good shot of the bottom two teeth!

"Do I have something on my face?"

We are SO in love with our smart, sweet, crazy & gorgeous baby girl!

We went to see Santa Claus on Wednesday... and she definitely freaked! We did get one decent picture but we may try again with a different Santa soon. Photos to come once I get them scanned.

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  1. She is so big! And yes, almost all of our photos are the same! A hand is either in the lens or the photo is a big blur due to quick movement. Oh well!