Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meeting Santa and a festive weekend

My mom was here this weekend for a short visit and we had a great time. We got some Christmas shopping done, saw White Christmas at the movie theater (love me some Bing) and took Lila to see Santa! It was actually Lila's second Santa visit. We went a few weeks ago to the mall and since that Santa was a bit creepy and the picture was not so good, we thought we'd try again!

This time was a lot more pleasant - and free! This Santa was actually at the branch campus where Neil got his MBA. It was very low key! But still no smile from Lila. I'll take it though - at least she didn't cry!

After mom left on Saturday afternoon we went to Neil's work Christmas party. We had a great time and Lila did great even though we had her out past her bedtime! She had fun and didn't act sleepy until we got in the car. She ended up not getting to sleep until 9!

I guess Christmas is here even though I'm just not in the holiday spirit for some reason. I haven't listened to Christmas music and we barely have any decorations up! Hopefully it will hit me soon that Christmas is actually here already!

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