Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lila is 9 months old!

Lila turned 9 months old yesterday, Nov. 23! She is still a happy, funny, crazy little girl. She has changed so much this month. She has three teeth now. She has two on the bottom and one on top. She can crawl so much faster, is in to everything and wants to walk so badly! She loves to dance and stand up and pull things out of drawers. She loves books now and is still very analytical and curious about everything.

Weight: I think around 19 lbs
Length: not sure
Head: not sure

Sizes: 12 month in pretty much everything. 9 month onesies still work. Size 2-3 shoe. Size 3 diaper.

Eating: Same as last month: She eats around 7:30, 11:30, 3:30 and 7. Usually 8 oz for the first and last feedings and 6oz for the other. We feed her baby food and some table foods (when I have time and something appropriate to give her) 3 times a day. She eats anywhere from a few bites to a whole jar of baby food.

She's doing much better with a cup but is only drinking water from it for now. I want to really start giving her milk in a cup in the next month and more table foods. She is ready for them but baby food is so much easier and faster.

Sleeping: Still sleeping great! Mostly 7:30-7:30. Naps are usually 1.5 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon at daycare - but she usually won't sleep that well for me on the weekends.

Talking: She is still talking up a storm. She will sometimes mimic what we are saying. Just today she said "Lila" when we said her name. It also sounds like she says "bath" and "bed" sometimes, but who knows. It's mostly just crazy Lila sounds, which are mostly loud enthusiastic yells and hollers! She is going to be a talker, that's for sure.

Motion: Crawling SO fast. Pulls up to stand (even in the crib). Walks with her walker push toy. Cruises with furniture. Can sit back down from standing.

Funnies, Firsts and Memories:

- Dances to music now!

- Falls backward on purpose so we catch her. She loves that game!

- Loves books now!!! Will let me read to her and looks at the pages and turns them. She grabs books to play with on her own.

- Has started to throw little mini tantrums if we take something away or do something she doesn't want to do

- Neil and I went to the Bahamas for 4 nights and she did great with our parents! I missed her so much but it was a great time to get away and relax!

- She is scared of the vacuum and the hair dryer

- She loves toys! Her favorites are books, her music table, push toys and blocks!

Happy 9 months little girl!

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