Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

So I'm a little late with my Halloween post, but since this blog is my baby scrapbook I thought I'd still do a quick post even though no one really cares about Halloween on Nov. 2!

We just passed out candy this year. I figure if the child can't walk then they can't trick or treat! Next year will be an adventure I'm sure. Lila was a witch for her first Halloween. She was kind of acting like a baby witch when we got home and I was trying to get everything ready to pass out candy and get her dressed. She was throwing a fit!!

But as soon as her daddy came home she was all smiles! Figures. :) Somedays she's just daddy's girl. We only sat outside with Lila for about 45 minutes or so. It started to get dark and too cold for her. So we packed it in around 6:45 to get her in the bath and in bed! I think she enjoyed looking at all the ghouls and goblins!

I loved seeing all the kids in costumes. Hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now that it's November the holiday season is officially here!

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  1. AAAWWW - her costume is adorable..and she even kept the hat on;) Glad you guys had a great 1st halloween!