Friday, February 12, 2010

TGIF and V-Day

I'm so very happy it's Friday, even though I've actually had a pretty short work week with two snow days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Well, I was determined to wear my argyle sweater tights again today. They are so comfy and warm!

I was trying to get my bow headband in the shot. My hair looks so long! I'm excited. I'm trying to grow it out.

I hiked up the skirt to show off the tights. I'm actually thinking of shortening the skirt to about that length.

Any big plans for Valentine's day? It's my favorite holiday but after almost 4 years of marriage our V-day celebrations have been getting much simpler and cheaper. We plan on grabbing some Indian food for lunch tomorrow with some tangy fro yo for dessert and a little bit of shopping at Trader Joe's! What can I say, I'm easy to please. Then we are getting together with friends after. I think I'll try to get a fancy date night out of the hubby when it's warm enough to dress a little cuter.

Oh, and check out Fab Finds for Under $50 today! Kimberly creates outfit inspiration calendars for each month, and this time she asked for suggestions. Well, I told her I'd like to see her in pastels "a la J.Crew" and lo and behold, she took me up on it and gave me a shout out in the process. I think she works the pastels pretty well:

Thanks Kim!

I haven't been shopping for clothes much lately, but I think I may look around a bit at Kohls and TJ Maxx tonight. I need some new running shoes, but you never know what I might buy! I have such a long wishlist for spring! Can't wait.

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  1. Thank you for the idea!! Love the tights with that skirt.