Friday, January 10, 2014

Rosie's Birth Story: Part 3

This is Part 3. Read Part 1 and Part 2 first!

So we were doing this thing unmedicated! There was no time for an epidural. I wanted a natural birth and couldn't believe I was actually going to get it!

Suddenly, a ton of people rushed into the room. This was really surreal for me, because with the complications with Lila's birth, medical people kept flooding into the room intermittently because of her heartrate issues and to prep me for the OR. This time, it was the doctor, more nurses and someone rolling in the baby bassinet! That's when it really hit me. This baby is coming soon and I am really doing it!

Dr. Narendran, one of my favorites of the 9 OBs in the practice, was on call that night. I was SO relieved to see her because she has a very calming presence. I was freaking out a bit realizing that I was actually going to be doing this drug free and that it was happening now. I was fully in transition and the contractions were strong and right on top of each other. I was saying things like, "I don't want to do this", "I'm scared", "I can't", and what seemed to be my pathetic, pleading labor mantra, "Help me."

The doc got right in my face and helped me breathe through the worst of the contractions that came right before I was completely dilated. She breathed right along with me and I locked eyes with her and stroked her hair! Neil said it got weird. I didn't care. She helped me get through it! After a few minutes, I was ready to push. They put my legs in stirrups, which I objected to, but they said that the baby will be coming quickly and it would be fine.

I pushed once and they said that I was doing it wrong and I needed to push from my bottom. I changed what I was doing and pushed again. I'm pretty sure I was yelling, "Get her out of me!" I pushed one more time and I felt her come right out and they put her on my chest!!! I was amazed! I didn't feel a "ring of fire" or anything. Just intense pressure and then body parts sliding out! So crazy. Neil cut the cord and I snuggled my Rosie for the first time. I cried and was just in disbelief on what just happened. I couldn't believe I got my VBAC! And somehow I did it all natural and SO fast! From water breaking to her birth was about 4.5 hours. I was only at the hospital for an hour and a half before she was born!

I had a 2nd degree tear. I delivered the placenta and the doctor stitched me up (2 stitches). I held Rosalie for a long time before they weighed her or did anything. I was able to breastfeed her almost immediately and she latched for 10 minutes! This was night and day different from my c-section with Lila. I didn't SEE her for 10 minutes after she was born and didn't get to hold her or try to nurse her for who knows how long.

I am one week post partum right now and my recovery has been so different and so much better than the c-section. I haven't had much actual pain, just discomfort. I have taken some pain meds here and there and for the past week I've had a pretty elaborate bathroom routine of peri-bottle, Tucks, Dermoplast spray and ice packs! Sitting and laying down were uncomfortable in the hospital and home. But I could walk and function pretty normally! The worst day of my recovery was day 5 where my stitches became a little painful. But I am feeling very close to normal right now! My milk came in on day 4 and nursing is going very well now.

I am so proud of myself for being so determined to have the birth I wanted. I think luck and maybe genetics may have played a small part in my successful easy birth, but I know that all of the preparation and work that I did leading up to the delivery helped me to have a wonderful VBAC.


  1. So happy to read this, Lindsay! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story!

  2. Yay on getting the birth you wanted. I am praying for an unmedicated birth this time around too. Last time I was going for one I got scared and was unfortunately not surrounded by support people when I decided to get the epidural. I am more aware now of the process and hoping this helps to get the birth I want. Your baby is gorgeous!

  3. I am so glad I finally got to read this! Thank you for posting, because it sure does give me courage to try a VBAC. We need to Skype soon!