Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lila's 18 months old!

Well, here we are! 18 months old and Lila is as wild as ever! We are having so much fun with our little ball of energy. She pretty much never stops moving, talking or dancing and wears us out all the time!

We were supposed to have her 18 month check up on Saturday but due to her recent fever we cancelled it. 

She weighs about 23 lbs and has gotten a lot taller. She is wearing a size 5 or 6 shoe! In May she was wearing a 3! She is wearing 18-24 mo. outfits and some 2T.

She wakes up between 7 and 7:30 and goes to bed around 8:30. Naps for around 2 hrs somewhere between 12:30 and 3:30.

I think both her molars on bottom are in and maybe one on top, so I guess that makes 11 or 12 teeth.

Developmental stuff

Saying more complex sentences. Like "Look at this” and “Look daddy, hat!” and “I want night night” or “I wanna go bye-bye or outside, etc”, “Where’d mama go?”, "I wanna cookie please!"

She has gone to the potty a few times, both pee and poo, and she’s wearing cloth training pants (wish they made these in 12-18 months size!) or no bottoms at home most of the time. This is helping me to know when she pees and is getting her used to the idea of the potty. I think she will pick it up fast when we are really ready. No rush though, I just want to catch her when she is interested.

Tries to put on pants herself, can put on shoes herself, and can take off tops and dresses. Tries to take off diaper. Can pull down big girl panties with help.

Loves identifying things: mommy’s shoes, mommy’s “babock” which means cup, baby’s hat, etc. She will sometimes say her name, says it like “Yaya” but usually calls herself “baby”.

She is feeding self really well with spoon and fork, still resorts to hands though!

Can climb up into her high chair and practically buckle herself in on her own. We just bought a small picnic table and we are transitioning to that.

Love to climb on chairs, beds, couches, ottomans, tv stands etc. and stand and jump on them. This is a big problem as far as safety and we have to correct her and watch her all the time!

Knows two letters! “O” and “B”.. working on L and some others. Anytime I sing the alphabet to her she says.. “B” “I”... for BINGO song

New words 

Seems like there are at least 2 new ones a day!

owl and says “hoot, hoot”
thank you
“bobo” for the book with Bobo the monkey in it
“go go” for Go Dogs Go (favorite book)
“moon” for Goodnight Moon

Favorites and funny stuff

Loves JUMP and Roar like a Lion by Patty Shukla
Itsy bitsy spider, Mr. Sun, BINGO, Hokey Pokey

Still loves Bubble Guppies. This is pretty much the only TV she will pay much attention to. She even laughs at appropriate parts and tries to sing along. We stumbled on Pajanimals the other day and she thought that was hilarious. 

The cat obsession continues this month. She puts her cat Mao in high chair, feeds it. Also Love babies! She “talks” to her babies and asks them questions “wanna go outside?” Loves to brush baby doll’s hair.

We are trying to get her to growl for Bengal (for Cincinnati Bengals).. and we will say.. what does a lion say? “Rarr”.. what does a bear say? “Rarr!”.. what does a Bengal say? “Peekaboo!” Every time!

“Cheese” when anyone gets out a camera

Can identify people’s if I’m folding Neil’s t-shirts, she’ll say “daddy’s!”

She is a good helper! She will also sometimes put up toys and will throw things away for us. Great at following directions, most of the time!

The other day she got a “boo boo” and Neil kissed it. She then proceeded to very dramatically get another “boo boo” and fake cried to get more kisses

Tries to wash herself in the bath.. will try to lather bubbles on her belly, knees, etc.

LOVES to wash her hands and brush her teeth.

Can identify many animals and do their sounds... can do many more sounds than animal names though. She rarely says monkey, cat or dog but instead just says the sounds. She says “yeehaw” for horse. That's just too cute to correct! Still says "mao" for cat.

Signs “more” all the time!!! This was the only sign she was ever really taught.

Loves pink! She says “car car pink”! Everything is pink. I think she is getting the concept of colors but can’t really identify any of them accurately.

If she likes something, like getting lotion put on or enjoying her food, she’ll say, “i want this” or “happy!”

Says “pool!” or “I wanna go to the pool” when she sees daddy’s swim trunks or towels or beach bag. She is loving swim lessons and much more comfortable in the tub now too!

Pretends she is a cat. Crawls and meows. Feeds her dolls and toys.

Those are our random updates! She is so much fun and has such a personality! We love you Lila Bean!

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