Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summertime and 15 months old

Well, hello there. I think I almost forgot I had this blog! I have to admit I've been more in living and enjoying life mode instead of living and recording life mode... but I don't want to neglect these updates too much. Poor Lila's baby book is pretty pathetic so I have to keep up with the posts on here or we will forget everything!
Lila is 15 months old now! She is in full toddler mode complete with mini-tantrums, teething and hilarity. She is just SO funny and full of personality. She is a handful but we just love her to death!

Lila's BFF/boyfriend Emmett turned 1 on May 19 and had the cutest little outdoor party. Lila is jealous of his spring/summer birthday... her February birthday pretty much guarantees snowy weather. Emmett seemed like he had a blast splashing in the baby pool, playing with his cousins and opening his presents. Lila was being prissy and didn't want to play in the water and just walked around in her swimsuit! I just can't believe baby Emmett is ONE. Our babies are growing up!

 Lila had another egg allergy incident a few hours before the party at my parent's house. I don't want to go totally into it because I'm still traumatized, but I'll say a few things: Morningstar Black Bean Burgers ARE NOT Vegan and contain EGGS, my parents are probably going to have to get new carpet in their den, and I vow to read every single food label twice before anything gets remotely close to my child. Her egg allergy is severe and extremely frightening. Poor Lila.

Lila's been loving the outdoors lately and has been playing in the sand, dirt and with her new water table. She is going to have such a blast this summer! We can't wait to take her to King's Island and the Cincinnati Zoo.

As far as updates for Lila, she is just getting smarter and more funny all the time. She has learned a few new words this month: cracker, cookie, hot (and asks if her food is hot before she eats it), outside, and can meow like a cat. She understands so much stuff and tries to mimic us a lot more. Tries to put on shoes, brush her own hair, etc. She can eat very well with a spoon now, I even let her feed herself oatmeal this morning and she does very well.

She is drinking out of the sport bottle type cups now which she really seems to like. She is still drinking milk from a bottle 3 times a day, morning, lunch and bedtime. I didn't think she'd still be drinking a bottle at 15 months but I'm not ready to let it go yet. After her 15 month appointment (which I haven't even scheduled yet) I may cut out the morning bottle for a cup and start working on the other ones after that.

Lila is a great eater! She loves yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, peanut butter, bagels, crackers, meatballs, ground beef, chicken, mac and cheese, peas, broccoli, beans, carrots, teddy grahams and animal crackers. She does not like cottage cheese, melon, strawberries, or anything too sweet like cake (even egg-free cake).

She got her 7th tooth, bottom left lateral incisor. She is getting them in the textbook order that they are "supposed" to arrive. The molars are next, eek!

She is totally on one nap now (12:30-3:30 or around about there), unless she is super crabby and then she might take a little morning nap. At night she usually sleeps from 8-ish to 7-ish, but I've been much more lax with her sleep lately. I know she gets enough, so I need to stop obsessing about it!

So everything is going pretty well for Miss Lila bean! We are excited for a Memorial Day weekend at home and for our cabin vacation next weekend in Indiana! Life is good!

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