Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our Walking Girl!

So I've been a bit MIA lately, but wanted to post that Lila has reached a big milestone! She is a walker! She took her first steps at 11 months and has been cruising and walking a few steps at a time since before Christmas. It took her until now, a few days from turning 14 months old, to put it all together! I'm so proud of her and she is clearly very proud of herself.

On top of walking, her language and level of understanding is just exploding! It's so fun to see. She can point to some body parts (she is particularly fond of "eye" and poking people in the eye), can identify some animals and their sounds, and says phrases like "I want it" or "what's this?" all the time. She is just hilarious. I missed out on doing a 13 month update post, so I hope to write up an update for 14 months. She is such a little toddler now!


  1. Boy she can really move! Now the fun really begins.

    1. What a thrill to see her walking!! We knew it would happen any day!!