Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring and sickness

I've been loving the nice weather we've had recently, but this week has kind of been ridiculous! We've had record-breaking 80+ temps here in Ohio. Lila has been enjoying her time outdoors and I've been loving dressing her up in cute new outfits! Luckily I already had some 12 and 18 month summer stuff for her and I've been getting a lot of things secondhand. I cannot wait for yard sale season to really get going. My favorite time of year! I love getting deals!

In her hand-me down outfit with her crocs

But yes, we are so loving this weather! Lila loves the outdoors! Of course Lila gets most of her outdoor time at Amanda's, where she spends her days while mommy and daddy are at work. Can I tell you how thankful I am to have this daycare arrangement!? Lila is thriving there and I love all of the opportunities she is getting!

She is getting exposed to so many fun things.. feeding ducks, petting zoo, the park, story time at the library, arts and crafts, playing in the water and with dirt, and of course interacting with the other kids. My girl is usually a sunblock-caked, dirty mess when I pick her up after work, but I LOVE it. She is clearly having fun and is learning so much!

Of course, all this fun in the sun while I'm at work is bittersweet. I would give almost anything to be home with her, at least part time. This is hard to admit, because I really never pictured myself wanting to be at home... parenthood changes you, people! I feel like I'm missing out on so much, and while I value my career, I find that it's only getting harder to leave her each day. The hardest part is my commute... but that's an entirely different post (one I may or may not write) but I know she is in good hands and this is our reality right now, and it may always be. Moving on!

But of course we've been taking advantage of the time we do have with our Lila bean. She is staying up a bit later these days and that coupled with the time change means more time outside with our girl. Now all she needs to do is walk on her own and she'll be set!!

Yep, our girl that's been crawling since she was 6 months old is still not walking at almost 13 months! She takes about 4-5 steps on her own, runs with her push toys, climbs stairs with ease, crawls on top of chairs and stands and jumps on them... but is still not walking. I know I shouldn't rush her and it's totally a confidence issue, but come on, Lila! You can do it!

We usually multi-task on the weekends... Playing outside while daddy weeds the garden!

Anyway, it hasn't all been sunshine and roses around here. Our little girl was pretty sick over the weekend. On Saturday, I got back from a big consignment sale around 9:30am (we got there super early and I felt like a bonafide crazy person - booyah!) and Lila was clearly not herself. She didn't sleep well that night and she seemed like she was getting a cold the day before. Well, Neil had texted me during the sale that they weren't having a good morning... that she was was lethargic, wouldn't eat, and the weirdest thing of all - she fell asleep on his chest for 20 minutes. Very unlike her (though I'm sure he enjoyed the snuggles).

When I got there she was very fussy, had a bad cough, felt feverish (but we couldn't get an accurate temp), wouldn't eat any solid foods and barely would drink any milk. She seemed miserable! Most concerning to me was her wheezing and labored breathing. She seemed like she could not really get a good breath. And as someone who has asthma, it looked all too familiar. We called the pediatrician's office (love those Saturday hours) and got in for the last appointment of the day.

They thought she had RSV or even pneumonia, but after checking her oxygen levels and doing a 10 minute breathing treatment she perked up a lot. We got a prescription for a breathing treatment and she's been doing so much better ever since!! After her follow up yesterday, the doctor is pretty sure she has asthma and that when she gets a cold it goes into wheezing/asthma symptoms. Poor girl!

Luckily she is so much better now and we are having a pretty normal week. I can't believe Lila will be 13 months on Friday! She is so funny and we love her so much! I hope to write a monthly update at some point because she has changed a lot since her first birthday! I cannot believe she is already 13 months old! It honestly just keeps getting better and she just keeps getting cuter!


  1. I know your pain because I have been there. Praying for you guys. I love having Lila here. It's like she has become family. I remember when Anthony and I decided to have me stay home. We had to cut back a lot, but it was so worth it. Everyone's lifestyle is different, so you do what is best for you guys. Love ya!

  2. Oh, no! So sad to hear that Lila was so sick :( Poor girl! You can definitely tell she has changed just since we last saw her in February -- her hair is getting super long!