Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

- So I redesigned the blog again. It was too dark for summer and I just felt like I wanted a change! I also wanted to incorporate the light pretty colors that I'm hoping to put into my living room at some point. Ahh. Much better. And I just like playing in Photoshop!

- I cannot believe it's August! I'm so ready for fall. It's been so dang hot here that I feel like I haven't really enjoyed the outdoors at all this summer. In years past I'd have been at the pool on these 90 degree days, but not so much with a 5 month old. I usually am so sad for summer to end, but bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and boots and caramel apples, please!

- We are going to Cedar Point for a long weekend on Friday. We are staying at a hotel in the park that's right on the beach. I'm excited to ride some rollercoasters, lay by the pool and beach, and hopefully relax a little bit. Neil's parents are coming along with us so we'll have help and someone to watch Lila. It'll be her first time at the beach!

- Lila is still getting over her cold, poor girl. She has a cough now. She's still pretty happy and doesn't have a fever so I guess she's okay. She's just a bit more clingy and wakes up more at night. I can't wait for her to get better for all of our sakes.

- Okay, so I've been watching the Twilight movies. I never wanted to get into this series, but I started listening to the first book on CD in the car and then DVR'd the movies. They are so bad but for some reason I'm still watching. At first I thought I would be team Jacob, but Edward is growing on me. I'm excited for the new one to come out this fall!

- I was a big dummy and forgot my pump parts yesterday so I couldn't pump at work for 8+ hours! It sucked! I had plans to go out after work with work friends, so it was even longer than normal. It was uncomfortable, but I made it!

- My friend Karyn is getting ready to move to England with her hubby. It's super sad! I've known her since I was in college and I'm very sad to see her leave. It should be a fun adventure for her and I definitely want to visit her next year. Ooh and she just started a blog to document her new life "across the pond"!

- I'm in disbelief that my daughter will be 6 months old soon. I can't believe she is so big. She is so funny and just a lot of fun. I think she might be starting another growth spurt. The 3 month one was terrible so I hope this one is easy. We will start her on solids this month which I am really looking forward to. I guess I'm going to start with rice cereal since its the traditional choice, but I'd rather start with avocado or sweet potatoes or something. Oh well, I've got my baby spoons, high chair, bibs and organic brown rice cereal ready to go whenever we are ready!

Everyone enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!


  1. I'll still keep track of your blog too while I'm over there! ;) And it is hard to believe Lila will be 6 months soon! Where has the time gone?!

  2. One more comment from me!!! I was looking through your old posts and saw this one! Just thought I would remind you of what you were thinking when you were pregnant with Miss Lila! ;)

    "Lila is over a pound now and the size of a papaya. She can hear outside of the womb, so we've been singing to her and playing music for her occasionally. Apparently she has eyebrows now and her brain is developing rapidly. This time next year, Miss Lila will be 8 months old! That's so hard to believe but so exciting to think about."

    Please take lots of pictures of her for me!!!