Friday, May 6, 2011

Random thoughts

- So Neil has had a break from school the last couple weeks and I'm getting spoiled having him home every evening! He starts up again the 17th for his last 12 weeks of grad school. We'll both be so ready to have our evenings back to "normal"... Well our new normal!

- Lila is going through a growth spurt or a big developmental transition I think. The last couple days she has been fussier, clingier and hungrier than normal. I hope this passes soon!

- Breastfeeding is kind of wearing me out. Mostly due to the recent growth spurt. I know it's best but it's so exhausting physically and mentally. I'm worried about my supply, trying to pump enough to make a stash for work and Lila is starting to eat like a newborn again: every 1.5 - 2 hours for 30-45 mins at a time. Neil has been feeding her a bottle of pumped milk at night just to give me a little break, but she usually still wants the real thing. I so admire women who do this for 1-2+ years but admittedly I also envy people that do formula! I think this is just a rough patch, though. I'm still soldiering on!

- It's garage sale season! Last year after we found out I was pregnant, we got tons of baby stuff at yard sales and craigslist. We went to some last weekend and got a high chair, a take a long swing, 2 sun hats, a bunch of pants for Lila and a few toys too. I love bargains!

- Our bestest friends Sy and Elizabeth are getting ready to have their baby soon. The due date is May 10 and the gender is a delivery surprise. I'm so excited to meet this little girl or boy and Lila is thrilled to have a baby "cousin" to grow up with. Hurry up baby, I want to cuddle a squishy newborn again!

- We have found a daycare for Miss Lila. I was dreading this decision, but I think we found a good place. It's an in-home daycare about 10 min from our house. I have a great feeling about it and there is even another baby girl close to Lila's age starting at the same time. She'll have a little friend! I return to work on June 29. I'm both excited and sad, but having a good daycare has eased my mind a lot.

- I started running again. Well I have once, haha and it was definately a run/walk combo! I'm doing the "couch to 5k" program to work my back up to running 30 mins in a row. I started on week 3 of the plan and I'll hopefully stick with it. I'd love to do the Redlegs Run again this year. Last year I was 5 weeks pregnant and didn't know it yet! Hopefully running will help me lose some more baby weight... I'm still about 15 lb from my pre-pregnancy weight and none of my clothes fit!

Okay enough random thoughts for now!

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