Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cyber Monday Selfishness

Well, I'm not one of those crazy Cyber Monday or Black Friday shoppers - my family is not that into Christmas gifts and I despise waiting in line - but I did buy myself a few items yesterday.

New York and Company is not a store I normally shop in, but I'd seen some cute tops on their website that I was interested in. I wanted to get a few fun graphic tees that were girly with flowers or bows on them - these two shirts were on sale for 9.99 a piece with free shipping:

After reading reviews about the tops running large on GiGi's Gone Shopping i decided to order a small in both tees. I hope that was the right choice and they fit!

I also went by Walmart after work yesterday and snagged a couple of the Miley/Max Azria ruffle tops I'd been eyeing. I think $12 a piece was a good price for a trendy item - but they are a great price for a trendy item that I plan to wear even after the ruffle phase ends. I've always liked girly clothes and had plenty of ruffles before they got super popular. This is just my chance to scoop them up!

I decided on black and plum:

I'm actually wearing the black one today! It's very comfortable, but I sort of feel like I have a chest full of ruffles - like ruffly chest hair or something! Haha!

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