Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anthropologie Stormy Seas Necklace - look-alikes?

Anthropologie has this amazingly beautiful necklace called the Stormy Seas Necklace which has come out in a few different colors. Like sky blue, pale yellow and this pretty minty green:

The necklace is $48. Which I imagine might be worth it - but, I'm still looking for some alternatives.

Forever 21 did a pretty good imitation in pink for $10.80 but it's no longer available.

Just today I stumbled upon a version from Fossil that is really pretty in a dark teal:

But it's $65 - more than the Anthro price!

Here is the Anthro necklace in yellow in action.

Anyway, I know no one really reads this blog - but I need some leads on some cheaper alternatives to the necklace! I am even willing to find some beads and make my own!


  1. Hello! I have been surfing the net all afternoon looking for this necklace.. Did you ever find a worthy replacement?

    (see, people do read your blog :o)

  2. I just bought a pretty light pink almost exact knock-off at JC Penney today for $20 (it was on sale). The brand was MixIt. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing it online, but there were tons in-store.


  3. After seeing Sweet P wear it on Project Runway recently, I have been completely obsesed with this necklace. Im going to have a hard time finding any places in Australia that would have it :P

  4. I am on the search and will keep you posted! Here is my latest find.


  5. I'm a little late to the party but I've been searching online for this necklace and have seen the original as well as excellent knock offs on Ebay. The original is going for almost $200! The knock offs are going for around $20.

  6. Hi Dear! I'm hosting a giveaway for the lookalike of this necklace! Hope you can enter and help me promote :)