Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Silly Girl: A Lila Update

There are so many little things I want to record about Lila, but I never seem to have time to post anything! She says and does some really adorable stuff and I have been jotting things down on my notes app on my phone. So this will be kind of random!

Just a few quick basic updates:

Lila will be 26 months on April 23. She is about 25 lbs. She is eating well and her feeding/vomiting/chewing issues seem better! We are in a holding pattern right now before we have to get a loan for more diagnostic tests. I'm only exaggerating slightly. Her hair is out of control but I'm waiting to cut it into an actual style, although I did trim her bangs the other day. She is doing really well with potty training. As soon as we are actually at home during the weekend I think we will do a bottom-less party and get going on some serious potty training! She is ready. She loves wearing panties! She is in a 6 or 6.5 shoe. Most 2T is still too big, she wears mainly 24 mo and 2T tops and 18 months pants. Her waist is really small so it's hard to find pants that will stay up that are long enough for her. I need a 24 month slim size!

Other random things:

Calls peanut butter "Pena johna" (?)
"Tatchew" for tissue for getting "crumbs" out of her nose

If she gets dirty: "I need a wipe! I need a baby wipe or a Lila wipe!"

Sassy teenage Lila-speak: "Get out", "Don't touch me", "I'm talkin to you!"
Says this a lot and I love it: "Mommy, Daddy, Lila all together"
Loves to make believe! We are dragons, cats or bears a lot! I'm glad "mommy dragon" hasn't stuck.

As soon as we get in the car: "I want the songs go play. I want Newsies. No not that one. The other one. Its too loud. No more loud." Ugh. I love that she expresses her opinion, but sometimes it's too much!

"Where's my treat? Where'd my candy go?"

If we act like something hurts our feelings, she says, "Cry! Cry loud." That's kind of rude actually...

While playing with her kitchen: "I'm making somethun. I'm making coffee. I'm making pasta soup"

Fake playing instruments: "I'm marching. I'm playing a trumpet. I'm playing drums"

Sings rock a bye baby to her baby and puts her in her cradle every night. "Bye bye baby, sleep tight. See you tomorr-no"

"I wanna play more minutes. Five more minutes."

Says a bunch of gibberish stuff then says.. "Right mommy?"

Every morning: "I wanna get up. I wanna go downstairs and get a snack."

Sings all the time. Twinkle twinkle, Baa Baa Black sheep, ABCs, Going to the Zoo, Ring-a-round the Rosy, Old McDonald, Happy Birthday. Nothing better than seeing your child learn to love music! 

2-year old cliches: "I do it" "Me do it." "I wanna do it by myself."

"Galicious" and "Duhgusting"
Foon for spoon
Yaya for Lila
Toos for toys
Pildow for pillow
Time-it for timeout. "I'm goin to time-it" She gives herself more than we ever give her.

We canceled cable recently so she is loving PBS, especially Word World and Caillou. And Martha Speaks, who drives me nuts.

She will say: "I wanna sit on the couch and watch a show." 

Tries to call me Lindsay, or Mama Lindsay. 
Getting attached to her pink blankie
We are practically done with the high chair. Booster or just in the booth or chair at restaurants.
She is forward facing in the car now! 

She gives really detailed re-caps of her day. Which is awesome to listen to!

We just love love love our awesome spunky little daughter!

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