Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My baby girl is 16 months old!

Lila keeps on growing and as I say every month, she is getting more fun and funny every day! She says and does the craziest things! Gotta love this little girl.

Love this little face
We finally got her 15 month checkup done last week. I'm finally not worried about her weight any more. She is fine. Just on the small side and extremely active. She eats a ton so I'm not worried. I was so happy to see she was over 21 lbs!

Weight: 21 lbs, 6.5 oz, 30th percentile
Height: 30.5 inches, 50th percentile
Head: 18 inches, I think? Not sure of percentile, but I think pretty average.

Great report at the doctor's appointment! She's doing so well with eating and diet, sleeping/naps, etc and seems ahead of the curve developmentally too... especially with her language. We are so happy and proud of her! I'm just amazed by how much she has grown up in the last few months. She got one shot and they want us to get the MMR shot at an allergist's office because of her egg allergy. I'm concerned about her having a reaction to the egg in some vaccines because of the severity of her allergy. We haven't scheduled it yet, but I'm happy to have a referral for a good local allergist for her! 

And just so I can remember, here is her bedtime routine at 16 months. We finally ditched the bedtime bottle (and all other bottles) this month. It was a very easy transition. After dinner and milk, we start around 7:30 with her bath, teeth brushing, try out the potty (no success yet), then play in her play room as a family, then one of us reads her 4-5 books and lays her down for bed with her lovies and her glow seahorse... and sometimes with a book. Sometimes she cries for a few minutes and then rolls around in bed for awhile, but other times goes right to sleep without much protest.

This post is going to be really scattered, but I just have no time to organize my thoughts but I just want to record what she is doing at this age so I don't forget!

She is obsessed with this cat stuffed animal that we bought her at FAO Schwartz on our trip to NYC in April. I don't like cats at all.. hate is a better word. But it's a super cute doll that teaches the child how to dress. It has zippers, snaps, buttons etc... so anyway, it's a cute toy, but it's still a cat. Ugh. Anyway, we've started calling it "Mao" which is how she says "meow". So it's a Chinese communist cat, I guess. She has to have Mao near her at all times, and if she can't see it she will look all around and yell "I want Mao!" So funny.

She did a perfect somersault this month! We try to encourage her to do flips and she actually did one perfectly and luckily Neil's parents were there to witness it. Sometimes she evens includes a "ta-da" for extra effect.

Loves hats

A few days ago she pinched me and it actually hurt so I was acting really sad to see what she'd do... she looked at me, patted me and said "Sorry!" It was so sweet!

She loves to spin around in circles!! She also loves to climb in and on everything. I just took her bumpers out of her crib because she has been trying to use them to climb out.

She is speaking in sentences now and almost all of them start with "I wanna" or "No wanna"... her favorite is "I wanna cookie!" which are sometimes the first words out of her mouth in the morning. That is far more endearing than when she is whining and yelling "I wanna cookie" over and over at 6pm while I'm making dinner! Cookies can be anything from teddy grahams, animal crackers, cheerios, shortbread cookies, etc.

Had to document the hair growth! It's out of control!

Her other favorite sentences: I wanna go, I wanna dance, I wanna cracker, I wanna baba, I wanna baby!!? , I want daddy.

Since she is now totally off of bottles and drinking milk from a cup, we've been trying to get her to stop calling her cups "baba". Sometimes we have to correct ourselves and we end up saying "baba cup". She is now calling her cups "babocks" or "bocks". Took awhile to figure that out.

She used to call Neil "daddy" all the time and would rarely call me "mommy" or "mama". Now she calls both of us daddy and almost everyone daddy including the 3 and 6 year old little boys at her daycare and random neighbors who are most definitely not daddy! 

Crazy face!! Not sure why the camera blurred her hair. Look at all that drool.
She's starting to like to dress up and do other imaginative play. She says, "I wanna hat" and I'll get her hats to try on. She also loves to put on bows, bibs and necklaces! She tries to feed her babies with a spoon and puts them in the high chair. So much fun!

When we play out back with her water table and baby pool, she keeps running away to other people's yards! I'm constantly chasing her which is both funny and annoying.

My mom wanted me to try to list all of Lila's words... let's try it out:

Mommy (almost never says it)
Uh oh
Eye and I
Hat “aat”
Cookie/cookies  “googie”
Meow “mao”
All done

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I've got right now!

Seems to understand everything we are saying.. which is awesome. for example, if she is getting in to something she shouldn’t.. I'll give her a task like “go take this to daddy” and she will do it!

My happy little Lila bean

She is loving the pool (we broke down and joined the Y again!), her play kitchen, baby dolls, Mao her cat, her Melissa and Doug farm puzzle (she's mastered it, I guess we should get her another one!)... but right now she is mostly loving being outside. We've been to the park, splash parks, King's Island and the pool a lot already this summer! She gets a lot of time outside at daycare too, which she loves! She is getting a bit of a tan too! Even with all that SPF 50.

That's all I have right now. I am hoping to do another post about all of the new egg-free recipes I've been making for my little love! We'll see if that happens...

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