Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I'm so happy to be home and oh so tired! I just got back from beautiful San Antonio, Texas where I was a presenter at a conference this weekend. I've been gone since Saturday. The conference was great. I learned a lot, did some networking and even had some fun (maybe too much... the $15 margarita may have been a bad idea, LOL) but it was just incredibly hard to be away. I missed Lila (and Neil) so much. I'm so appreciative for my mom and Neil's parents for coming in this weekend to help out. Thank you!!

When I picked Lila up today from Amanda's, Lila seemed pretty unenthusiastic about my return (break my heart!) but I was thrilled to see my baby! Four days without her was so painful. Travelling is hard in and of itself, but even more so when you have to leave your adorable child behind. I know she was fine. She had a ton of fun and probably barely realized I was gone. But, it was very tough on me.

This month has been really hard. I just feel like I have to sacrifice a lot these days. I've been incredibly busy at work, which inevitably trickles down to feeling busy at home. I feel behind on pretty much everything in my life... like I'm just barely staying afloat. As soon as something gets checked off the to-do list at work, two more things get added on. Big projects loom over my head with no time to accomplish them. My house needs some TLC and I've been meaning to paint my toenails for like 3 weeks! I have been kicking butt on the workout front (well until this weekend when I was gone) but it seems like so many other things are falling by the wayside. Oh how I wish I could do it all!

Enough with the complaining. I'm home and next week's schedule looks much better. My baby girl turns ONE on Thursday and her birthday party is on Saturday. Thank goodness for my mother who is basically planning the whole party! There are so many details and special things I wish I could do before the party, but I'm just going to have to let it go. The most important thing is celebrating with friends and family and having fun with our little girl. Can't believe she will be ONE!


  1. Hey. I'm not planning it - just making sure everything on your list is done. Luckily, I'm drawing your father into it. :). Mom

  2. I am sure it all turned out perfect! And don't forget, you are only human. I have been there. Feeling overwhelmed is not a good feeling. Try to get one thing accomplished at a time. Let me know if I can ever help. For example, I can come over and help with Lila at your house in the evening so you can catch up. Maybe we can go get pedicures together too! I haven't had one since Brooklyn was born!