Monday, January 9, 2012

An Update Post and Daycare Drama

Well, I've been a little overwhelmed with life lately!! I've got a super active 10.5 month old, a lot of deadlines coming up at my job, Neil's starting a new position at his work and to top it off - we had to find new childcare for Lila.

It's a super long and dramatic story, but bottom line is that this weekend we found out that our daycare would be closing and we would need to find something else basically immediately. Everything happened so fast that I barely had time to process it. We are finding out more and more as we talk to other parents and daycare employees, but our daycare was mismanaged financially and the daycare director was doing a good job hiding the problems from everyone. Well, it all came crashing down this weekend! Luckily, there was never any problems with the actual CARE that was provided, but business wise is another story. Apparently there are some parents and former employees that are owed substantial amounts of money and are pursuing legal action. I told you it was dramatic!!!

Well after calling around and talking to people we have found a wonderful new childcare situation that is going to be so much better!!!! I cannot tell you how excited and pleased I am. One of the girls who worked at the daycare's preschool is going to take care of Lila in her home. Amanda has a 2 year old little boy and a 5 year old daughter in Kindergarten during the day. Lila is going to get so much one on one attention. They are going to go to the park, the library for story time, on walks, get to play outside and did I mention that Amanda was a preschool teacher and is a licensed middle school teacher!? It's also going to be cheaper and on my way to work!!!

I am so pleased about these changes and it's truly a blessing in disguise. The best thing is that Lila already knows Amanda and Amanda knows Lila's routine and everything. Lila will still have a transition period, sure, but I think this is going to be so great for everyone!!

It was a crazy weekend, but I am so happy with how everything is turning out. Crisis averted!


  1. Boo for daycare drama but yay for a much better situation all around!

  2. yikes...what a crazy story!!! I'm glad you guys found a better resolution...things always works out the way they are supposed to...sometimes it just doesn't make sense getting there:)

  3. Wow! I'm so glad that you found something that's going to work out so great and that you found it so quickly! I'm sure you will love the more individualized care. :)