Thursday, June 30, 2011

My First Day Back

I was completely prepared to be a nervous, blubbering, teary-eyed mess on my first day back to work. I thought I'd cry my whole way driving in, every time I thought about her or looked at her picture, or when a coworker asked about how she was doing.

Well, I was FINE! I almost feel guilty about how completely fine I really was.

A few factors probably came into play in the success of the day:

1. My mom and Neil were both home with Lila (daycare starts next week & Neil had a day off)
2. It was a gorgeous sunny day outside!
3. It's summer in the college town where I work: very few students, easy parking, relaxed office atmosphere
4. I've been at home since February 3rd and pretty ready to come back!

Of course I missed my little girl, but I really liked being back at work. I have a list of things to work on, people to talk to, things to catch up on and to boot - a peaceful drive to work, a beautiful campus to walk around in and my quiet office with a lockable door!

Pumping went very well. I'm so lucky to have an office of my own, a pretty flexible schedule, a great breast pump and a boss who is incredibly supportive of nursing and pumping (she breastfed her daughter for 2.5 years)!

Lila did okay too unless Neil and Mom are lying to me and letting me think she had a great day! Apparently other than short naps, her only issue was not eating very much! She only ate 4 oz the whole time I was gone!! I only really was away for two feedings so it's not as bad as it sounds, but still, I expected her to eat 4 oz per feeding and maybe still be hungry and need more. I left two 4 oz bottles and an emergency bottle of formula if needed. She only ate 2 oz per feeding of breast milk.

We think she either is not used to the bottle, was not as hungry because of the big transition, did not like the taste of thawed milk, or was just biding her time until the "real thing" came home!

Whatever it was it did not affect her nighttime sleep last night. After eating when I got home at 4:30 and again at 7 and 9 she was out for the night and slept through until 6am!

We'll see how it goes today. She has freshly pumped milk to drink, a full night's sleep and a loving grandma to take care of her! But with one day under my belt, I'm very very hopeful that Lila and I both will be fine with this transition. I had plenty of time with her after I returned to work (but got NOTHING else done because I just wanted to hold her and play) and although I did miss her and think of her often at work I was not SAD.

Next week when she starts daycare will be another transition for me and for Lila. I hope it goes just as well. I'm so appreciative of my mom for coming up and taking care of Lila this week while I get the hang of working again and get used to pumping. It is a wonderful thing!!


  1. Hey I am visiting from Jenna's Journey! Sounds like you had a great day at work going back. I don't have kiddos (yet!) but excited to see someone can have a successful working life and be a great mommy!


  2. That's wonderful that your boss is supportive! I hope you continue having great days!